We pay upto $100 per article to high-quality content writers

freelance work

We believe that quality writers must be paid generously.

An average writer can earn $30 per article and a great writer can earn $100. Don’t apply if you are below average

Don’t apply if you are below average. We want to work with great writers only. We are looking for high-quality writers with whom we can work on multiple assignments.

We pay in the range of $20 to $100 per article depending on the writer’s ability & the amount of research required for the topic.

If you can write a well-researched in-depth article like – https://www.pluginhackers.com/best-wordpress-security-plugin-2017/

Check the article requirements for the current month.

We don’t care about the number of words as long as the quality is maintained. We have seen & written quality articles in the range of 2500 to 5000 words. It’s up to you how you put together your words to complete an awesome article. 


  1. The article should be in the final shape. Ready to publish. Matching with the quality standards of security plugin article.
  2. The article will not be published on your name (No Author Credits for the paid work)
  3. Submit the storyline structure only [Refer Resources] (We don’t want to waste your efforts on article writing before you are awarded the work)
  4. Once your storyline structure is approved – You have to complete the article within 7 days.
  5. It’s your responsibility to include the snapshots, videos, images and reference links.
  6. Give due credits if you are mentioning someone’s work or re-using someone’s art material (text/image/video)
  7. Don’t copy anything from the internet without the permission of the owner. We are very strict against plagiarism.
  8. If you want to include a paid image – just mention the link of the image. We will buy that image before publishing.
  9. If we accept your work – then you can’t use the content on your name anywhere, nor you mention that it’s written by you.
  10. We will own all the copyrights of the content after we make the payments to you.
  11. The payments will be made immediately after we accepted & approved your article.
  12. If we did not like your article – we will reject with no payment. You can use your content anywhere you wish.


Writing Tip – You can write a high-quality article if you can understand the problem of the audience and come up with a well-researched solution.

Resources for Freelance Writers (Basic to Intermediate Level)

Note: We want to work with the expert level of writers only.

Exception for Intermediate level freelance writers.

If you want us to review your work because you are not yet proficient but confident to meet our quality standard,

  • The price would be half but you will learn & improve your writing skills through our feedback

If your article needs editing even after we provided you first level of review & structural suggestions, then we will reject the article without paying anything.

We pay the price only in the cases when we don’t have to spend extra time on the work. We can’t work with writers who submit below the expected level of work.

If you don’t need money but want to publish the article on your name, then you can submit your article as Guest Post. We will gladly link back to your website in your Author Bio.

Requirements for September Month

Send us a storyline in shared Google word document, from the below available topics.

(As of now, no work is available. Please check again in the first week of next month)

We will keep updating the list of available topics every month. We will delete the topic from the list once it’s awarded to someone.

Send your storyline submissions to editor@pluginhackers.com, keep cc to pardeep@pluginhackers.com

Tell us up front if you want to pick full-price option or half-price. We will review accordingly and you can’t change the option later.

Suggestion: $80 for expert writers who have already written such epic posts – $40 for bloggers who have written at least one such article in the past. 

Note: You will receive a response in 48 hours, only if your work is accepted.  No response means your storyline was not accepted because of one of the following reasons.

Possible Rejection Reasons

  1. Your storyline does not reflect your expertise in the topic or you have not researched well.
  2. Your structure and flow of content are not covering all essential subtopics.
  3. Your introduction and conclusion are weak.
  4. We lost the confidence that you will write a strong article after looking at your storyline structure.